Leading High Performance Teams

Programme provides a challenging approach to developing capability as team leader and identifying practical actions to create and sustain high performing teams.

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Leading Remote Teams

Programme provides a practical insight into the challenges associated with remote teamwork and identifies key focus areas to lead and enable optimal team performance.

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Team Building for Outstanding Performance

This programme will challenge teams to review their performance and potential in the light of their aspirations for the future in a fun and interactive workshop context that both supports and challenges learners.

This programme will be adapted to suit the challenges the team is currently facing:

  • New Team – to help a new team gel together around key deliverables
  • Existing Team – to re-invigorate and re-focus a team with low energy / delivery
  • Team Closure – to help a team to close constructively
  • Dysfunctional Team – to help a team to deal with difficult relationships / issues
  • Team Conflict – to help a team deal with inter- or intra-team conflict
  • Strategic Alignment – to help a team identify / explore / commit to strategic goals
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