Self-Awareness & Self-Mastery


Our Centre of Self-Mastery provides a completely unique learning opportunity in content, experience and impact.

Emotional Intelligence at Work

Programme provides a practical insight into the relevance and impact of emotional intelligence at work, developing understanding and capability in managing and influencing self and others.

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Personal Effectiveness

Programme focuses on developing greater awareness of self, personal style and emotional states to enable increased self-management for consistent personal effectiveness.

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Personal Development Programme

Programme provides a challenging, yet supportive environment to increase self-awareness, identify future aspirations and develop attitudes and skills in self-management that will enable the realisation of personal potential.

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Personal Efficiency & Time Management

Programme provides a practical approach to maximising personal effectiveness and efficiency through effective time management.

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Self-Coaching for Personal Effectiveness

Programme will provide learners with a challenging experience to develop the necessary attitudes and skills in self-coaching to positively impact on their learning and performance.

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