Readiness & Ability

PresentationAs our inner performance has a direct and immediate impact on our outer performance – our ability to learn and perform in the stretch zone is in an optimal state of readiness:

  1. Attention – when our attention is on the performance and not our ‘thinking’ about the performance
  2. Perception – when we focus on actual performance, not distorted perception of imagined performance
  3. Self-Awareness – when we exit autopilot, focusing on the performance in the here-and-now
  4. Conscious Choice – when conscious choice displaces conditioned choice as to our speech and actions
  5. Comfort-with-Discomfort – when we are comfortable with discomfort, no longer trying too hard
  6. Confidence – when our confidence is authentic rather than a facade over suppressed fear and doubt
  7. Results – when our attention is on the performance itself, not on our attempts to control the result
  8. Self-Mastery – when our inner state is no longer mentally and emotionally hijacked from within
  9. Effort & Energy – when our efforts and energy are no longer wasted, but focused where they matter

When we focus on our inner performance – our readiness and ability to learn and perform – we transform our ordinary, everyday experience – and our outer performance excels with substance and impact.