Strategic Alignment

Partnership & Collaboration
First and foremost, our learning interventions begin with our commitment to work in partnership with our clients, collaborating to ensure that what we do is in direct alignment with what you need. Based on the foundation of a sound working relationship, we only work where we add real value.

Strategic & Cultural Alignment
Strategic alignment is a business critical necessity. Working in partnership with our clients, we ensure that our training programmes are in alignment with the organisation’s vision, values, strategic goals and culture. When the arrows are pointing in the same direction learning becomes contextually meaningful.

Competency Framework & Performance Appraisals
Competency frameworks direct and facilitate learning and performance. Where appropriate, we integrate existing competency frameworks and appraisal processes into our programmes so as to ensure consistency and a more strategic outlook.

Blended Solutions
Because behaviour change is so difficult, we work in partnership with our clients to set up blended learning solutions whereby training programmes are blended with one-to-one or group coaching, performance appraisals, action learning sets, mentoring and other creative opportunities.