Ownership & Responsibility

Self-Directed Learning & Contracting
In order to sustain learning beyond the training environment, we emphasise the principle that each learner needs to take responsibility for their own learning within an adult / adult relationship. We create an environment within which learners thrive; the learner needs to own and engage with this opportunity.

Adult / Adult Relationship
Our learners are adults and we engage with them as adults. As facilitators we never undertake the parental approach of the ‘teacher’ as it is both condescending and undermining. When engaged as adults and equal partners in the learning intervention ownership and responsibility follow naturally.

Action Learning Sets
ALSs provide a valuable tool to enable learners to explore certain topics or projects through self-directed learning. These can be done either before or after a training workshop or as a standalone intervention. ALS can be facilitated by the learner’s themselves for by a professional facilitator.

Reflection & PD Planning
Learning is optimised when learners stand back and reflect on their experience and what it means to them. Our programmes provide the ‘thinking time’ to do just that, to stand back either individually or with a learning partner and to reflect on the learning experience and to set goals and plan accordingly.