Learning Content

Head, Heart & Action
The best training programmes are those that engage learners at an intellectual, emotional and behavioural level. With this in mind, our learning interventions emphasise all three levels through facilitated dialogue, experiential exercises and leading research, theories, models and tools.

Common Sense & Personal Experience
While our programmes are designed with the best research and theory available, we put personal experience and common sense first. Central to this is our respect of the learner’s capability to exercise their own intelligence based on their own experience. Rather than being ‘talked at’, our learners are ‘engaged with’, beginning with their experience as equal partners in an adult / adult learning relationship.

Where appropriate, psychometric self-assessments can be integrated into the learning experience so as to enable a common language and increased insight into the effect learners have on themselves and others. In our work we use both formal and informal psychometric tools with great success.

At the heart of a sustained change in behaviour is the ability to self-manage oneself, making conscious choices as to our thought, speech or actions when it really matters. Our Centre of Self-Mastery provides a unique and transformative opportunity to maximise learning and personal transformation.