Learner Engagment

Creating the Environment & Contracting
Critical to the success of any learning experience is an appropriate climate that enables trust, credibility, open-mindedness, engagement, challenge and commitment. Our emphasis on contracting at the start of every programme enables a relevant and high-impact learning experience.

Learner-Centred Facilitation
In all our learning interventions we take a highly facilitative and learner-centred approach, which maximises engagement in a way that begins with the group’s knowledge and experience. When people feel engaged, appreciated and understood, they open up to new ideas and opportunities.

Learning Partners
Learning partnerships create an opportunity for learners to take increased ownership of their learning and to support and challenge the learning of fellow participants. Helping fellow participants can be the best way of learning oneself, making the learning and change stick.

Humour & Fun
Experience demonstrates that good humour and a healthy sense of fun create cohesion and open mindedness. To ensure that our learning programmes are not only thought-provoking, but memorable and fun, we do all that we can to balance focused intention with light-hearted humour.