Examining graphs with other people on backgroundOur learning philosophy draws on diverse principles that are fundamental to a paradigm shift in how we maximise learning and performance in its most potent and natural form.

  1. Learning interventions thrive when contextually aligned with the organisational culture and strategy
  2. Learning optimises when we ask questions that enable people to learn ‘how’ to think for themselves
  3. Learning is about discovering latent potential that is hidden and untapped within
  4. Learning is about transcending self-imposed limitations that hold back and limit potential
  5. Learning accelerates with a blend of exploration, experience, observation, reflection and feedback
  6. Learning happens within an adult – adult relationship, as equal partners within a learning contract
  7. Learning sticks when learners feel safe to exit their comfort zone into their stretch zone
  8. Learning thrives when our ordinary autopilot experience gives way to choice at the moment-of-impact
  9. Learning excels when we go beyond memory of what worked yesterday to what is working now
  10. Learning application in practice happens best when supported with a culture of coaching
  11. Learning is a life-long and continuous journey of exploration and discovery

Little children demonstrate a remarkable capacity to learn with effortless ease and efficiency. As adults we need to re-awaken this potentiality by un-learning preconceived paradigms about learning.