Group At FlipchartFrom my experience you either coach or you don’t coach! All the industry-led distinctions between this form of coaching and that are more hype than helpful. Yet, I do coach within different arenas, which include:

Performance Coach
Most of my coaching is as a performance coach within diverse contexts, enabling people to overcome obstacles, release their potential and achieve their goals and aspirations – when it really matters.

Executive Coach
As an executive coach I support senior leaders as they face the relentless demands that go with their highly challenging roles, providing an independent sounding board that is away from all the noise.

Life Coach
As a life coach I help people deal with life’s diverse challenges, enabling renewed clarity and perspective, setting goals and helping people channel their efforts to bring about real and lasting change.

Transpersonal Coach
As a transpersonal coach I work with people to engage in a personal and insightful journey to explore and understand themselves and their purpose and meaning in life, all from a range of diverse perspectives.

At the end of the day no-one ever asks for a ‘this-coach’ or a ‘that-coach’. They just want an experienced and capable coach with whom they can make a real connection and have a real conversation.

‘Glenn is a tremendous coach and he does it in such an unassuming way. He listens with such depth and when he does say something it is always so incisive.’

Grahame Major, Relationship Director, Financial Services