Man On TrainMy approach as a coach can best be described in terms of the following:

Trusting Relationship
Coaching is first and foremost a client-centred relationship based on openness and trust. My job is to create an adult-adult partnership between equal participants.
Real Conversation
Coaching is a client-centred conversation that enables insight and renewed perspective. My job is to make sure we have the real conversation.
Coaching is about that intuitive capacity to tune in to and relate to people from within their space and experience. My job is to get myself out of the way with real empathy.
Stretch Zone
Coaching works best when we are outside our comfort zone. My job is to create a safe environment that elicits the right balance between support that enables trust and challenge that facilitates stretch.
Coaching is a non-directive journey of self-discovery. My job is to act as a catalyst that enables the journey, not to determine the journey itself.
Coaching is about opening up challenging situations and creating choice. My job is to facilitate real conversations that help people identify their options and act accordingly.
Coaching is about releasing untapped potential that is held back through self-imposed limitations. My job is to help people remove the obstacles that limit their potentiality.
Coaching is impossible without genuine humility as people open up about themselves. My job is that of unconditional acceptance, non-judgement and objectivity to earn that trust.
Coaching is about creating awareness and enabling responsible action. My job is to ask challenging questions that make people stop and think.
Sounding Board
Coaching is about bouncing ideas, thoughts and feelings off an impartial sounding board. My job is to truly listen, reflecting back the underlying essence of what is said.
Coaching is about having a real connection with people so that they can take time out to re-connect with themselves. My job is to create that resonance and connection.

In support of the above is a coaching contract within which we agree on goals, roles, expectations, concerns, accountabilities, etc. Central to this is client confidentiality, which safeguards you in the coaching process.