About Glenn

Glenn Widelko

In my work as an author, master executive coach and learning facilitator I am thankfully one of those lucky people who can honestly say that I love what I do, even the tedious bits like moving furniture, preparing a training room in some unfamiliar hotel in some unfamiliar city. When we love what we do – our best follows effortlessly.

As a coach and facilitator I have had the pleasure of working internationally across diverse brands and industries over the past 15 years, including AstraZeneca, SAP, ExxonMobil, RBS, Fujitsu, SpecSavers and various county councils amongst many others. My passion and expertise centres on leadership, performance, relationships, personal impact – and that capacity to be at our very best with genuine confidence when and where it really matters.

At the heart of my work is the resolute intention to meaningfully connect with people, inspiring their innermost potentiality from within themselves – facilitating a connection that shapes every moment of their lives. The kick I get is that magic moment when individuals and groups make that connection within themselves – realising, in their way, that they can – that is why I do what I do.

As a writer, coach and facilitator, my work is centred on two key disciplines. Firstly, I am not there to teach, I am there to learn. Until I learn from those in front of me how best to facilitate the learning – I am of little use to them. Secondly, learning from those in front of me is grounded in humility – the power of not knowing. When we think we know, we so often don’t. When we realise we don’t, learning begins. Writing, coaching and facilitation is the art of getting preconceived ideas out of the way – what follows is learning at its best.

My trademark is the low-tech approach with some pens in hand, standing next to a flipchart. Death-by-PowerPoint is not going to happen. Mine is a highly learner-centred engagement, facilitating real conversations, asking in-depth and challenging questions that inspire the best in people as their thinking is challenged in ways they might never have previously considered – all within an environment of support and appreciation. And more often than not my (I am told) ‘wicked’ sense of humour gets the better of me!

Personally, I am a quietly spoken, observant, thoughtful and considered non-conformist and introvert, un-addicted to the limelight. In our results-driven, hurry up world that promotes big, bold and loud, I see these qualities as neither more-than nor less-than our all too frequent stereotypical idea of success. Quiet, I am still, observant, I am perceptive, thoughtful, I create clarity, considered, I bring calm, nonconformist, I challenge, and introverted, I am learner-centred. In everything I do I strive for excellence – if something is worth doing, it is worth doing well.

When not working I love to be with my wonderful family, with my wife Sheelagh and sons Matthew and Andrew. Other passions include body boarding at the beach, watching a good movie, DIY, gardening, working out at the gym, playing classical guitar and coaching my son’s at squash and karate. My favourite city is Edinburgh, favourite meal is lasagne, favourite drink is an ice-cold larger, greatest achievement is passing guitar grade 8, scariest moment is doing grade 8, favourite colour is blue, favourite shape is a sphere, favourite mentor is Keith and favourite armchair sport is Wimbledon.

‘As facilitator, Glenn created a presence that encouraged people to question, challenge and learn. His confident, objective and re-assuring presence, combined with his willingness to step-back and observe was key to the groups and my personal development’.
Keith Noon – Head of Finance Projects, RBS

‘As a facilitator Glenn leads you to push yourself to places you didn’t know existed within you. I have never known any other personal development experience that leaves you feeling so challenged – a hugely beneficial investment, both personally and professionally.’
John McParland –  Director of Business Banking, RBS