Client Feedback

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‘Glenn is a master-facilitator with the knack of locating the real issues that hinder learners from reaching their potential, enabling people to transcend their limitations in his quietly challenging way. His ability to coach and facilitate are at a level I have rarely seen in three decades.’

Vanessa Witten, Managing Partner – Just in Time Learning Solutions

‘As a facilitator Glenn leads you to push yourself to places you didn’t know existed within you. I have never known any other personal development experience that leaves you feeling so challenged – a hugely beneficial investment, both personally and professionally.’

John McParland, Director of Business Banking

‘As a leadership facilitator and coach Glenn has a remarkable capacity to deeply connect with people straight away. Based on this connection is his ability to ask tough questions and share observations that have really made me stop and think. The outcome is real insight, personally and professionally.’

Richard Wilson, Director – Financial Services

‘Glenn is a tremendous coach and he does it in such an unassuming way. He listens with such depth and when he does say something it is always so incisive.’

Grahame Major, Relationship Director – Financial Services

Glenn has a remarkable ability to coach. He has helped me to develop great insight, clarity and understanding to every subject I’ve covered. The speed with which he is able to tune in to absolutely every subject I raise and ask the right, but difficult questions, is exceptional. I have gained a significant level of benefit from this investment.

Rachel Daka – Service Delivery Manager, Fujitsu Services

‘As our Best-to-Lead facilitator and coach, Glenn Widelko created a presence that encouraged people to question, challenge and learn. His confident, objective and re-assuring presence, combined with his willingness to step-back and observe was key to the team and my personal development.‘

Keith Noon – Head of Finance Projects, RBS International

‘For me, Glenn is very much a Zen facilitator. The way he expresses himself in his calm quietness creates a powerful environment for learning, as people stop and listen. His warm touch and focused approach place the learner at the centre of a very dynamic experience.’

Etienne Joudon, Manager – Financial Services

‘I can honestly put my hand on my heart and say it has been the most rewarding and insightful development initiative of my career. I have learnt so much about myself, my impact on other people, my potential and it has really got me thinking about my future direction both personally and professionally. The feedback I received was deeply moving and inspiring.’

Alistair Dinnis, Senior HR Business Partner – Financial Services

‘Glenn was an inspiration and such a thoughtful facilitator who went above and beyond.’

Katie Warrington, Manager, Financial Services

‘Really benefitted from Glenn’s thoughtful style and assessment / feedback. Great facilitator.’

Graham Cooke, Director, Large Corporate Banking, Financial Services

‘I really enjoyed the entire content of the workshop. The practicals, although challenging, were a great learning experience. This was truly a great life changing experience.’

Khwezi Sithole, Consultant, ConVista Consulting

‘Glenn was great at involving everyone and making sure everyone was contributing and feeling comfortable doing so.’

Tim Atkins, Consultant, ConVista Consulting

The Best to Lead programme has been a real journey for me from a personal development point of view. Glenn Widelko, our lead facilitator, is highly skilled and has been a real inspiration throughout each session. The programme and coaching sessions have enabled me to explore and address my development areas in a challenging but very supportive environment. Overall a great experience.

Tony Davis – RBSG February 2007