Experimental Approach

Experiential Learning
Practice suggests that individuals and groups learn best from experience. With this in mind, our training programmes are highly experiential, creating opportunities for people to taste the learning through direct experience with proven exercises and practice sessions.

‘He tastes nothing who has not tasted for himself.’

Marcilio Ficino

Business Simulations
Simulated learning opportunities maximise learner engagement with a unique opportunity to experience and stretch their capabilities in as-close-to-real situations with professional role players. Those who have experienced this form of learning and the feedback that accompanies it never look back.

‘If you tell me I will listen; if you show me I will see; if you let me experience I will learn.’

Lao Tzu – Chinese philosopher, 17th century

Case Studies, Analogies, Metaphors & Story Telling
We also emphasise the use of case studies, analogies, metaphors and the power of storytelling in our learning interventions to enable models, research and tools to come to life. Experience suggests that these come as much from the group as they do from the learning facilitator.