cartoon-1While The Stretch Zone emerged out of many years of coaching and training within an organisational leadership context, the insights, principles and practices are applicable across diverse situations.

  • Leadership – dealing with relentless demands and unforgiving exposure
  • Management – dealing with the diverse challenges that goes with managing people
  • Politics – dealing with the unknowns of organisational politics
  • Achievement – dealing with the ups and downs of achieving stretch targets
  • Potential – dealing with the pressure to be at your best when it really matters
  • Relationships – dealing with difficult relationships at work and home
  • Conversations – dealing with the necessity of having difficult conversations
  • Influencing – dealing with the need to shift mindsets and behaviours
  • Conflict – dealing with aggressive or passive-aggressive people
  • Assertiveness – dealing with the discomfort of standing up for yourself / others
  • Networking – dealing with the need to create a positive impact in uncertainty
  • Socialising – dealing with the uncertainty of meeting strangers at a social event
  • Presenting – dealing with the challenge of presenting succinctly to groups
  • Interviews – dealing with the need to think clearly and communicate under pressure
  • Acting – dealing with the need to deliver your best on stage or behind the lens
  • Sport – dealing with the pressure to perform to and beyond your potential
  • Music – dealing with the exposure and demands of a relentless industry
  • Competition – dealing with the pressure of competing with others
  • Assessments – dealing with the pressure of being assessed at work or otherwise
  • Dating – dealing with the ambivalence that comes with that hot date!
  • Self-esteem – dealing with personal pressures of self-worth and self-image

The bottom line is that we all have a stretch zone and confidence is an issue for everyone when we have the courage to step outside our comfort zone. If confidence is not an issue for you, the chances are you are spending too much time in your comfort zone.

‘What a ‘light bulb’ moment! The stretch zone coaching has helped me to better understand the effect I have on myself, giving me so much more control. It feels like I have made a real connection within.’

John McParland, Director of Business Banking – RBS