Unique & Different

cartoon-2What makes The Stretch Zone unique and different is that it does not go down the well worn path of confidence boosting hype. Psyching up a facade of pseudo-confidence over suppressed fear and doubt is neither convincing nor sustainable – it just wastes effort and consumes energy!

The Stretch Zone inspires us to channel our efforts and energy where they matter most. Rather than attempting to boost our confidence with a whole lot of hype, genuine confidence is actually our natural state and releases quite naturally from within – when we create the conditions within.

The Stretch Zone challenges our thinking, providing the insights, principles and practices that turn our understanding of confidence on its head – enabling authentic confidence when it really matters.

What The Stretch Zone does not do is:

  1. Give people a feeling of confidence – it is already within us, a largely untapped potential.
  2. Psyche people up with confidence-boosting hype – it is neither convincing nor sustainable.
  3. Provide 101 clever tips and tricks to ‘fake it till you make it’ – it seldom works.

What The Stretch Zone does do is:

  1. Challenge our assumptions about confidence and our performance potential.
  2. Provide the insights and practices that enable authentic confidence in the Stretch Zone.
  3. Provide an integrated model which, once understood, can be summed up in a few words.

Confidence is not the domain of the lucky few by virtue of their personality. Confidence is, without exception, an imminent potential for EVERYONE – regardless of personality and experience – it only looks and sounds different. And difference does not mean absence!

‘Glenn’s coaching around removing self-doubt has had a huge effect on my performance and interactions with others. Rediscovering my inner confidence has seen me take on new situations and difficult conversations in a way I never thought I could. The insights within this very different approach have made such a difference.’
Geoff Mason, Director Business Banking – Financial Services