Client Feedback

‘The stretch zone has helped me see my confidence and potential quite differently. It has put me in a very different space where I’m no longer holding myself back and avoiding difficult situations.’
Alan Lamond, Senior Manager – Financial Services

‘Glenn’s coaching around removing self-doubt has had a huge effect on my performance and interactions with others. Rediscovering my inner confidence has seen me take on new situations and difficult conversations in a way I never thought I could. The insights within this very different approach have made such a difference.’
Geoff Mason, Director Business Banking

‘I guess I just want to thank you. I’ve experienced some positive changes since our last session – a quiet confidence I guess. The doubt obviously still creeps in from time to time, but I can recognise it now for what it is. I also just feel so much more relaxed, almost too relaxed!!’
Cindy Malga, IT Consultant

‘Once I’d heard that confidence is the absence of doubt it just made sense. It was as if a light went on. And I now have the proof that I am as capable as anyone and can manage some really strong personalities. I wish I had done this ten years ago.’
Liz Giles, Regional Director – Financial Services

‘The leadership programme with Glenn has been ‘life changing’. Seeing my confidence differently has enabled me to manage difficult situations with renewed perspective. I am now clear on what confidence really is (and isn’t) and the good news is that I now have some simple things to do to feel more confident more often.’
Paul Hulcoop, Business Risk Manager

‘Confidence really is the absence of doubt. What I have found is a renewed level of impact as people are really listening to and hearing me. It is as if a weight has lifted and I’ve given myself permission to be myself.’
Paul Fletcher, Director – Financial Services

‘Glenn exudes the confidence that he talks, coaches and teaches about, in a way that is authentic, honest and rare in the age of bigger and bolder.’
Karen White, Professional Coach

‘Glenn’s confidence coaching has given me a real ‘eureka’ moment – for the first time I feel I have real clarity on what confidence actually is, and how I can use and apply this knowledge to overcome challenges and make me an even better leader.’
Steve Southworth, Director Business Banking

‘Something really clicked for me in the coaching with Glenn. I’d spent years searching for real confidence without realising it was inside me all along. Seeing confidence quite differently I now know exactly how to simply be confident.’
Becky Driscoll, Business Risk Manager

‘The stretch zone has given me the tools to change my life – it just hadn’t occurred to me that confidence is actually within us all and it is our self-doubt that holds us back.’
Liz McEwan, Portfolio Risk Manager

‘The confidence coaching with Glenn has made such a difference. While I’ve always felt my confidence existed within me, my inner demons of doubt have held me back. I now have the tools to channel my efforts and energy differently and everything has fallen into place.’
Danny Plows, Director of Assess Finance

‘What a ‘light bulb’ moment! The stretch zone coaching has helped me to better understand the effect I have on myself, giving me so much more control. It feels like I have made a real connection within.’
John McParland, Director of Business Banking

‘Glenn’s attention to detail and personal approach to confidence coaching has truly changed my life. His amazing ability to simplify the process making me understand the triggers of my doubt and what truly fires my confident state was exceptional. I would implore anybody to take the chance of working with him immediately.’
Matt Shepherd, Head of Business Development

‘A huge mistake would be to think that Glenn’s confidence coaching is good. It’s not, it’s exceptional. The insights he has helped me to gain into understanding confidence will stay with me for a lifetime. Truly inspirational.’
Chris Rushworth, Director Business Banking

‘In his quiet, unassuming and inspirational way, the coaching with Glenn has created calm within an emotional roller coaster, enabling a 360 shift in how I see myself. As we’ve peeled back the self-doubt I’ve realised a renewed confidence and ability within myself. We all have those events in our lives that are remembered always for their positive impact – the coaching with Glenn has been one of those events for me.’
Jan Greenhalgh, Head of Operations

‘In our age of information overload it is rare to come across real insight that fundamentally changes your perception. The confidence coaching with Glenn has done just that, completely demystifying what confidence is and how it works allowing me to almost instantly realise that it already exists within – I just need to acknowledge it.’
Kirsty McGrane, Learning & Development Manager – Insurance

‘The confidence coaching with Glenn has given me pragmatic techniques to self-manage my fears and doubts, releasing my confidence from within. This has had a tremendous impact on me and is an ongoing self-development tool.’
Mairead Taylor, Local Director – Financial Services