Welcome to The Stretch Zone


The Stretch Zone is about unlocking potential – by being confident when it really matters.

No one delivers their best in their comfort zone. And when it really matters we are never in our comfort zone anyway. Our best requires us to step into the stretch zone.

As we step into the increased pressure of the stretch zone our confidence so often disappears when we need it most – and we hold back our potential unnecessarily.

Unlocking our potential begins with oneself. When it matters what holds us back most is ourselves. While skill, knowledge and experience are important, confidence is the differentiating factor.

So if you find:

  • Your confidence holds you back – so you achieve less than your potential …
  • Your confidence feels like hard work – draining your energy and impact …
  • Your confidence comes and goes – disappearing when you need it most …

… then The Stretch Zone will enable you to transform your life, your aspirations and potential.

‘Something really clicked for me in the coaching with Glenn. I’d spent years searching for real confidence without realising it was inside me all along. Seeing confidence quite differently I now know exactly how to simply be confident.’
Becky Driscoll, Business Risk Manager – Financial Services