Target Groups

TheStretchZone eCourse Illustration 6 Feeding frenzyWhile the stretch zone might be different for different people, regardless of background and experience, we all have a stretch zone. And the effect is relentless.

From a business perspective, the Stretch Zone Workshop is aimed at the following groups:

  1. Executive & Senior Leaders
    Often considered beyond development, the stretch zone is first and foremost applicable to the senior echelons of the organisation. At the dizzy heights of this arena the stakes are high, the pressure relentless and, as people step up, the exposure is unforgiving.
  2. Middle & Junior Managers
    As middle and junior managers need to influence and deliver up, down and across the line, the performance pressure in the stretch zone is no less than their more senior managers. Their capacity to be at their best and deliver with confidence is critical.
  3. Leadership Pipeline, Talent & Specialists
    The stretch zone is also particularly applicable to those individuals who are being fast-tracked as talent, providing a pipeline of leadership and specialists for the future. With every opportunity comes renewed pressure, the need to step up into the stretch zone.

Whether it is leadership, presenting, problem-solving, difficult conversations, appraisals, project management or the like, the confidence to perform under pressure remains the differentiating factor.

‘The confidence coaching with Glenn has made such a difference. While I’ve always felt my confidence existed within me, my inner demons of doubt have held me back. I now have the tools to channel my efforts and energy differently and everything has fallen into place.’
Danny Plows, Director of Assess Finance – Financial Services