Return on Investment

TheStretchZone eCourse Illustration 8 Facade_pumpThe Stretch Zone Workshop delivers a ROI in relation to:

  1. Training – past, present and future training across skill sets will benefit substantially as people discover the confidence to stretch themselves in that particular learning area.
  2. Talent – nurturing and retaining talent is an organisational imperative. Genuine confidence will enable talent to meet and deliver on opportunities that stretch their performance.
  3. Motivation – as people step up in the stretch zone the effort and energy wasted on avoidance behaviours is channelled constructively, creating a ‘can-do’ energy of possibilities.
  4. Performance – with confidence people get a taste for stretching themselves, raising their game to deliver their best.
  5. Communication – with confidence people begin to have the real conversation about the real issues, saving time, effort and money.
  6. Teamwork – with confidence people step up and engage with one another, taking the risks that a high performance team ethic demands.
  7. Service Delivery – a culture of confidence and performance capability will inevitably leak out and shape the organisation culture and customer experience.

The impact the Stretch Zone Workshop has on the bottom line speaks for itself. And this is as much about what people stop doing as it is about what people start doing.

‘Glenn’s confidence coaching has given me a real ‘eureka’ moment – for the first time I feel I have real clarity on what confidence actually is, and how I can use and apply this knowledge to overcome challenges and make me an even better leader.’
Steve Southworth, Director Business Banking – Financial Services