TheStretchZone eCourse Illustration 14 ThresholdWhile the process and structure of the Stretch Zone Workshop will vary depending on the nature of the group, the workshop essentially includes:

  1. Pre-Course Requirements – prior to the workshop participants will be asked to reflect on a couple of questions as well as complete a self-assessment and research questionnaire.
  2. F-2-F Workshop – as part of a learning group you’ll be taken through a dynamic learning experience including facilitated discussions, experiential exercises, reflection sessions, etc.
  3. 1-2-1 Coaching – each participant will receive two 1-2-1 coaching sessions, focusing specifically on yourself and the challenges you face as you apply the learning in practice.
  4. Self-Assessment – participants will complete the Stretch Zone Self-Assessment providing specific insights into how you tend to undermine yourself in the stretch zone.
  5. Handbook – each participant will receive an in-depth handbook outlining the materials supporting the programme – providing a substantial resource for the future.

As the workshop is spread over a designated period of time, participants enjoy the time and space to apply the learning in practice within a structured and supported environment.

‘What a ‘light bulb’ moment! The stretch zone coaching has helped me to better understand the effect I have on myself, giving me so much more control. It feels like I have made a real connection within.’
John McParland, Director of Business Banking – RBS