TheStretchZone eCourse Illustration 5 HijackingWhile the actual group’s personal objectives will come first and foremost, the Stretch Zone Workshop is based largely on the following learning objectives:

  1. To recognise that our inner state has a direct and immediate impact on our outer performance
  2. To explore the performance stretch curve and its effect on our performance potential
  3. To understand our day-to-day experience of circumstantial confidence
  4. To explore the inner psychology of pseudo-confidence that is unsustainable and unconvincing
  5. To identify nine misconceptions about confidence and our performance potential
  6. To differentiate having confidence from a strategy of being confident
  7. To explore four principles that turns our understanding of confidence on its head
  8. To discern confidence from personality, where confidence is a reality for all without exception
  9. To develop practices that create the conditions within which confidence is inevitable
  10. To set three stretch targets to transform your performance within the stretch zone

TIP – Before you attend one of our workshops, take some time to reflect on what you’d specifically like to get out of the programme – and the types of situations that seem to challenge you most.

‘For me, Glenn is very much a Zen facilitator. The way he expresses himself in his calm quietness creates a powerful environment for learning, as people stop and listen. His warm touch and focused approach place the learner at the centre of a very dynamic experience.’
Etienne Joudon, Manager – Financial Services