TheStretchZone eCourse Illustration 2 Top_dogBusiness Benefits

As people enter the stretch zone they acquire a taste for giving their best. What follows is a range of business benefits which have a direct and immediate impact on the brand and service experience:

  1. Delivery – with confidence people trust themselves, they step up and deliver results
  2. Initiative – with confidence people take the initiative and drive opportunities forward
  3. Commitment – with confidence people take responsibility and drive challenges through
  4. Energy – with confidence people naturally motivate and energise themselves and others
  5. Communication – with confidence people have the real conversation, saving time / money
  6. Empowerment – with confidence people feel empowered to make a difference
  7. Culture – with confidence people share an infectious ‘can-do’ energy of possibilities

When business leaders feel confident in their people, they are able to get out of the trenches and do what micro-management makes impossible, focusing on strategic priorities.

Individual Benefits

With real confidence we trust ourselves when it really matters, releasing our potential across diverse skills sets and contexts.

  1. Presence – that sense of certainty within oneself and one’s capabilities
  2. Attitude – that positive outlook on oneself and the situations we face
  3. Resilience – that calm composure to meet adversity and deal with things as they arise
  4. Mindset – that capacity to deliver our best under the pressure of the stretch zone
  5. Stepping Up – that capacity to create and seize opportunities as they arise
  6. Self-Esteem – that sense of self-worth that no longer questions one’s value and impact
  7. Relationships – that capacity to have real conversations, building real relationships that last

What follows is a culture of achievement as a critical mass of people are strategically placed to create a tipping point that shifts performance towards delivery on strategic priorities.

‘The stretch zone has helped me see my confidence and potential quite differently. It has put me in a very different space where I’m no longer holding myself back and avoiding difficult situations.’
Alan Lamond, Senior Manager – Financial Services