Stretch Zone Workshop

cartoon-3Without exception, confidence has a direct and immediate impact on our aspirations and potential – it always has and it always will. Irrespective of personality or experience, confidence is an imminent potential for EVERYONE – we only need to understand how to create the conditions within.

Based on Glenn Widelko’s new book, the Stretch Zone Workshop provides a unique and in-depth insight into the nature and substance of what confidence really is (and isn’t) – enabling real and sustainable confidence whenever it really matters.

The Stretch Zone Workshops are aimed at diverse groups as follows:

  1. Closed Workshops – aimed at the particular needs of specific organisations
  2. Open Workshops – aimed at the public including professional and non-professional people
  3. Specialist Workshops – aimed at particular groups e.g. musicians, coaches, sport, etc

The Stretch Zone Workshop is facilitated by Glenn Widelko, who will share more than 15 years experience helping high performing individuals discover genuine confidence in the stretch zone.

‘The stretch zone has given me the tools to change my life – it just hadn’t occurred to me that confidence is actually within us all and it is our self-doubt that holds us back.’
Liz McEwan, Portfolio Risk Manager – Financial Services