Outcomes & Benefits

As a client-centred conversation, the Stretch Zone Coaching begins with an in-depth understanding of your situation and unique challenges – and what you want to get out of the coaching experience.

Based on your particular outcomes the Stretch Zone Coaching will create:

  1. Safe Space – a contained and safe space to reflect – away from the noise
  2. Sounding Board – an opportunity to share ideas, aspirations, frustrations, etc
  3. Common Understanding – an in-depth understanding of your challenges and situation
  4. Goal Setting – a set of clearly defined goals that you’d like to achieve
  5. Stretch Zone – a clear and pragmatic understanding of the insights, principles and practices
  6. Application – a set of clearly defined opportunities to put the learning into practice
  7. Continuous Learning – an opportunity to explore experiences and deepen the learning

Coming out of the coaching experience is a resolute and clear intention as to what you’d like to achieve, how you need to go about achieving it. It is all about clarity and commitment!


With genuine confidence we trust ourselves when it really matters – no longer holding ourselves back we release our potential with resolute intent – and need never look back.

Some of the benefits coming out of the Stretch Zone Coaching are:

  1. Presence – that sense of certainty within oneself and one’s capabilities
  2. Attitude – that positive outlook on oneself and the situations we face
  3. Resilience – that calm composure to meet adversity and deal with things as they arise
  4. Mindset – that capacity to deliver our best under the pressure of the stretch zone
  5. Stepping Up – that capacity to create and seize opportunities as they arise
  6. Self-Esteem – that sense of self-worth that no longer questions one’s value and impact
  7. Relationships – that capacity to have real conversations, building real relationships that last

What follows is a shift in the way we see ourselves – and this is as much about what we stop doing as it is about what we start doing.

‘Glenn exudes the confidence that he talks, coaches and teaches about, in a way that is authentic, honest and rare in the age of bigger and bolder.’
Karen White, Professional Coach