Stretch Zone Coaching

TheStretchZone eCourse Illustration 7 Battle_out_thereThe pressure in the stretch zone can be unforgiving. It demands that we are on top of our game, yet we do not always feel that way – and we hold back from what is well within our capability.

Drawing from Glenn Widelko’s new book, the Stretch Zone Coaching provides a highly client-centred and confidential experience that enables people to unlock their potential when it really matters.

The coaching experience provides an in-depth understanding of what confidence is (and isn’t) – exploring the insights, principles and practices in a way that is unique to your approach and situation.

Free Initial Coaching

‘Glenn is a tremendous coach and he does it in such an unassuming way. He listens with such depth and when he does say something it is always so incisive.’
Grahame Major, Relationship Director – Financial Services

accredited-master-executive-coachGlenn is an accredited Master Executive Coach with the Association for Coaching and abides by their Code of Ethics for professional practice.

As part of his commitment to excellence Glenn undertakes and provides coaching supervision as is recommended by the coaching profession.