Confidence is an imminent potential for EVERYONE without exception. Yet when it really matters we do not always feel that way – and we hold ourselves back with frustrating repetition.

The Stretch Zone Self-Assessment is an easy-to-use, online questionnaire that enables insight into why you tend to hold yourself back under the increased pressure of the stretch zone.

While it is easy to be confident in our comfort zone, it is not so easy to be at our confident best in the stretch zone – when it matters most. As we step across the threshold of our comfort zone, we are frequently hijacked by fear and doubt, which undermine our confidence and performance potential.

Following this, the Stretch Zone Self-Assessment does not measure your confidence – there is no need it is already within you in full measure. Instead, the self-assessment assesses the nature of the unintentional, self-limiting, self-imposed doubt that undermines your inner confidence.

For only £7.99 the self-assessment will benefit you by providing:

  1. Insight into 7 different forms of doubt that undermine confidence in the stretch zone
  2. Insight into which of the 7 forms of doubt typically undermines your confidence most
  3. Insight into how to manage your self-doubt more effectively – releasing genuine confidence

The Stretch Zone Self-Assessment is completed online and should take about 10 minutes to complete. Once completed you will receive a Personal Report, which includes:

  1. Personal profile in the form of a bar chart
  2. Descriptions of each of the 7 forms of doubt
  3. In-depth insight into your top 3 forms of doubt and how to manage these effectively

Note: Once you’ve purchased your self-assessment, please make sure you read the instructions carefully so that you are able to complete the self-assessment accurately.

If you have already purchased a WiDELKO Self-Assessment and wish to start, continue or view your completed report(s) click here.