Research Questionnaire

The Stretch Zone Research Questionnaire provides an opportunity to take part in an international research project investigating confidence and potential in the stretch zone.

The purpose of the research is to enable real insight across diverse questions, which will inform future articles and learning interventions, helping people be the best they can – around the world.

As a precursor to the Stretch Zone E-Course, Coaching, Workshop or Self-Assessment, the research questionnaire will get you thinking about your own experience of confidence in the stretch zone.

As a professional research project your personal details will remain strictly confidential.

How it Works

The questionnaire is completed online and, with only 8 questions, is quick and easy to complete. As part of your registration, the process begins with some research specific demographic info, which is followed by the questions themselves. All you need to do is to follow the prompts provided below.

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Research Demographics

Question One - Do you see yourself as a confident person?

YesNoYes & No

Question Two - How would you rate your confidence on a scale of 1 (low) to 10 (high)?


Question Three - What is it that you would like to feel more confident about?

Question Four - When under pressure, what tends to make you feel more confident?

Question Five - What does confidence mean to you?

Question Six - Is there a difference between genuine confidence and pseudo-confidence?


Question Seven - Which would you say are typically more confident, introverts or extroverts?

IntrovertsExtrovertsBoth Equally

Question Eight - What tends to undermine your confidence most?

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