The Stretch Zone e-Course is an easy-to-use online e-learning opportunity that will introduce you to a whole new way of thinking, turning outdated assumptions about confidence completely on their head.

The e-course will take you through 9 thought-provoking and engaging sessions, each specifically designed to meet 3 specific objectives – for only £5.99.

Session Objectives

  1. To explore the performance stretch curve and its effect on our confidence and potential
  2. To challenge self-limiting stereotypical ideas about confidence and personality
  3. To recognise our day-to-day experience of circumstantial confidence
  4. To explore the inner psychology of pseudo-confidence
  5. To identify what we mean by confidence that is genuine and authentic
  6. To differentiate being confident from a knee-jerk reaction of having confidence
  7. To identify 9 fundamental misconceptions about confidence
  8. To explore 17 reasons why we need to trust ourselves in the stretch zone

‘The leadership programme with Glenn has been ‘life changing’. Seeing my confidence differently has enabled me to manage difficult situations with renewed perspective. I am now clear on what confidence really is (and isn’t) and the good news is that I now have some simple things to do to feel more confident more often.’
Paul Hulcoop, Manager – Financial Services

session-exampleSession Overview

  1. Confidence – the Differentiating Factor
  2. Confidence for All without Exception
  3. Circumstantial Confidence
  4. A Knee-Jerk Reaction at the Threshold
  5. A Facade of Pseudo-Confidence
  6. Authentic & Genuine Confidence
  7. Having Confidence vs. Being Confident
  8. Misconceptions about Confidence
  9. Unexpected Opportunities in the Stretch Zone

How it Works

Once you’ve purchased your Stretch Zone E-Course:

  1. Stretch Zone Research – you’ll be emailed a link to complete an optional research questionnaire, which not only contributes to international research investigating confidence in the stretch zone, it also gets you thinking about your own experience. The questionnaire only takes a few minutes – and your personal details remain strictly confidential!
  2. eCourse Sessions – you’ll also receive emailed hyperlinks to each of the 9 e-course sessions, each on a separate email at two-day intervals – with the first email following your purchase. Once you’ve selected the link you’ll be taken to that e-course session, which you can then download and work through in PDF format.
  3. eCourse Feedback – you’ll also be invited to provide feedback on our e-course, which will also be done on-line via your session links – your feedback will be much appreciated.

Enjoy your Stretch Zone eCourse!

To get started straight away, purchase the Stretch Zone e-Course for just £5.99.