Learning Objectives

CSM aspires towards the following objectives, which together with the individual objectives that learner’s bring, provides the compass and inspiration for the programme:

  1. To understand self-mastery in the context of inner vs. outer performance
  2. To observe different levels of awareness and their impact on learning and performance
  3. To practice increased self-observation as a natural enabler of our performance potential
  4. To identify functional and dysfunctional patterns of thinking and their impact on self
  5. To develop capability in focusing the mind through techniques in single-pointed attention
  6. To observe emotional states and their impact on self and others
  7. To harness the power of our emotional states through increased emotional self-regulation
  8. To explore styles and preferences and their inherent enabling or limiting effects
  9. To experience an increased space that enables conscious choice between action and reaction
  10. To enable the regulation and release of energy for efficient and effective action

While the objective is self-mastery, the benefit is to release talent and potentiality and to enable every other skill set that participants have learnt in the past or are yet to learn in the future.

‘He tastes nothing who has not tasted for himself.’
Marcilio Ficino