• Inner Performance – Outer Performance

    Experience demonstrates that in spite of the knowledge and capability, people frequently fail to follow through on their best intentions, repeating conditioned behaviours unnecessarily. And more training is not the answer!

    The answer is self-mastery – that capacity to transform our ordinary, everyday experience, to make conscious choices at the moment-of-impact and to bring out our performance potential – when it really matters.

  • Inner Performance – Outer Performance

    Our inner performance has a direct and immediate effect on our outer performance – it always has and always will.

    Bringing out our performance potential – when it matters – is directly dependent on the extent of our self-mastery.

  • Inner Performance – Outer Performance

    To know something about oneself is one thing. To apply understanding when it matters is another.

    Hindsight is common. Foresight is exceptional – and those with foresight stand out with presence and composure.


Everyone knows what we could have / should have done in hindsight. Self-mastery is the capacity to apply knowledge, talent and intention at the moment-of-impact, with foresight.

Extraordinary performance requires extraordinary readiness. Rather than more training, our best requires increased self- mastery – an optimal state of readiness when it matters.

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CSM enables insight into our inner psychology, transcending limitations and releasing talents and capabilities that are so often on hold at the threshold of our potentiality.

While the objective is self- mastery, the benefit is to release talent and potentiality – enabling every other skill set that participants have learnt in the past or are yet to learn in the future.

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CSM is structured so as to maximise application of learning in practice and minimise time away from day-to-day business and personal life.

The net effect is a transformational experience that is centred on self-observation and direct experience – which has a direct and immediate impact on everything we think, say and do – personally and professionally.

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