THE STRETCH ZONE – Questioning, Questioning, Questioning Oneself!

When the pressure is on to achieve a certain outcome we find ourselves outside our COMFORT ZONE and in the STRETCH ZONE – a space characterised by an unforgiving pattern.

Under the pressure of the STRETCH ZONE our confidence and composure seem to vanish into the ether, displaced by a relentless noise, clutter and distraction banging about within the mind.

What should I do? What might happen? What happened last time? Will I look the fool? Do I know enough? What are they thinking? Will they listen? Will I fail? Am I in control? Am I good enough?

Under the relentless pressure of the STRETCH ZONE we question, question and question ourselves in all sorts of different, yet unnecessary ways. So long as our mental faculties are hijacked by unwanted self-questioning – we’ll never be able to focus where it matters and be at our best!!

Question: When under pressure of the STRETCH ZONE in what way do you tend to question yourself and what effect does that have on your presence and composure when it really matters?

Life’s Marathon

With several years work about to come to fruition in the form of my first book and a supporting business to boot, I am in the midst of one of the most exciting periods of my working life.

Yet, in spite of all the potential, the relentless demands and unexpected obstacles over the years has come at much cost – sapping my energy to a point of exhaustion.

What has exacerbated this further is that while there is so much potential, success is most certainly uncertain – and I have had to dig deep to discover renewed reserves to keep going.

They say that ‘the tide turns at its lowest ebb’ and ‘the darkest hour is right before the dawn’ – so in life’s marathon we should never lose sight of our inner most intentions – our bedrock within. When every fibre of our being tells us to give in, we need to keep going with unflinching resolve and single-minded intention – the tide so often turns when we least expect it.

Question: What is your life’s marathon at the moment and what is your inner most intention that will keep you going even through your darkest hour?