Our Best when it Matters Most!

There are those moments in life, personally and professionally, when something really matters and every fibre of our being tells us that we need to be at our very best – that moment is the STRETCH ZONE!

While anyone can be at their best in their COMFORT ZONE, it seldom matters. When it really matters the pressure can be relentless – and being at our confident best is easier said than done.

Inherent within the STRETCH ZONE are all sorts of unknowns and our confidence is so often hijacked by fear and doubt that we’ll end up in the PANIC ZONE – that place of dread where we feel we have ‘lost it’!

Our best, when it matters, is directly dependent on our inner state at the threshold of our STRETCH ZONE. When hijacked by fear and doubt we hold ourselves back. When we deal with our fears and doubts we step across the threshold and our best follows as a distinct certainty – that is confidence in the STRETCH ZONE!

Question: What does the STRETCH ZONE look like for you and how would you describe your inner state at the threshold of your STRETCH ZONE?