Imposing What we Know on What we Need to Know

In our ordinary, everyday experience learning so often refers to that which we have learnt in the past. What follows is a very stale regurgitation as we superimpose past learning onto the present.

In this limited paradigm learning is an event that begins and ends – and we end up having certain bits of knowledge and skills which we believe we have, own and control – all stored in memory.

Learning is not an event that happens, but an intriguing and continual process of discovery. In truth, real learning goes beyond memory of what worked yesterday to what works now.

While what we’ve learnt is the past is necessary, application of learning is about the integration of what is known in the past and what is known in the present. Until we become intrigued about what is actually happening now the underlying secret of learning remains un-dis-covered.

Question: Today, to what extent is your learning a continual process of what works for you now?