THE STRETCH ZONE – Real Conversations & Real Intention

As a learning facilitator and coach I have had the opportunity to be a part of so many amazing conversations, conversations that were remarkable given their flow in depth and perspective.

These conversations were exceptional for many reasons – knowledge, commitment, listening, questioning, measure, empathy, restraint, process, timing, sharing, confidence – and emotional connectedness.

Underlying and shaping each one of these important elements is intention – when we enter conversations with real intention it is as if everything else aligns, lining up as our ‘intention’ holds them ‘in-tension’.

Yet intention is easier said than done – especially with difficult conversations in our stretch zone. With masked intention, conscious or not, comes inner barriers that leak out creating outer barriers that limit conversation. With genuine intention authentic conversations follow – even in those difficult conversations.

Question: What effect would pausing to reflect on your inner intentions have on the nature and outcomes of the difficult conversations you are facing in your stretch zone at the moment?

Blog vs. Blag

While I’d never considered blogging previously, it’s been suggested several times. And upon reflection I’ve decided to take up the suggestion with one proviso – that it is a ‘blog’ and not a ‘blag’!

What I don’t want to do is to churn out meaningless ‘blags’ to meet a weekly quota. There is already too much waffle in our world and too little real communication for me to add to that noise myself.

For me a ‘blog’ is: a thought-provoking insight, a meaningful experience, a question that makes us stop and think, an inspiring story, a moment of humour, a simple analogy or a glimpse of eternity.

So if you ever find yourself losing the will to live because I’ve blogged about my breakfast that morning or some other meaningless waffle, you have my full permission to give me a boot in the backside – let me know on

Question: Today, to what extent can you hear the meaning beyond the noise and waffle?