THE STRETCH ZONE – it’s about Comfort-with-Discomfort!!

One of the most powerful assumptions that undermines and limits our potential is the idea that confident people are comfortable when facing adversity under the pressure of the STRETCH ZONE.

The reality is that while confident people might make facing difficult situations look comfortable, when asked they’ll tell you they felt anything but comfortable – it just looks comfortable from the outside.

What confident people have developed is the knack of being comfortable with the discomfort that goes with being in the STRETCH ZONE – I call it comfort-with-discomfort.

So long as we associate confidence with comfort we’ll hold ourselves back, putting our potential ‘on-hold’ as we wait for that feeling of comfort at the threshold of our COMFORT ZONE. The STRETCH ZONE will always feel uncomfortable, that is why it is call the STRETCH ZONE – so embrace the discomfort and step up anyway.

Question: To what extent does the threat of discomfort result in you holding yourself back in the hope that you’ll feel more comfortable next time?

Unlocking Potential Begins with Oneself

Having had the opportunity to work with so many outstanding people as a coach and facilitator over the past 15 years it has been heart-breaking to observe how often we underestimate ourselves and our potential.

When it matters most, rather than step up and be all that we can be, we so often capitulate to our limited self-conception and we hold back our potential that lies imminent at the threshold of our comfort zone.

Believing ‘I just haven’t got it’, that ‘I’m not good enough’, when it really matters what holds us back most is none other than ourselves as we undermine our potential with frustrated resignation.

The Stretch Zone is about unlocking potential – and that begins with oneself. When the pressure is on what holds us back most is oneself. While opportunities come and go, our capacity to step up is directly dependent on the extent of our confidence in the stretch zone – yet we sadly hold ourselves back for no reason at all.

Question: In what way might you be holding yourself back from your potential that lies imminent at the threshold of your comfort zone today?

Common Denominator in Every Moment

The saying goes, ‘Master one thing to master all things. And to try to master all things is to master nothing’ (unknown). The question is: ‘what is that one thing?’.

The one ‘thing’ worth mastering is oneself. As we are each the single common denominator in our every waking moment, self-mastery is the master key to mastering everything else.

As we charge about in our hurry-up world, we seldom pause to question the extent of the mastery we have of ourselves, taking it as fact, an entrenched conviction that is beyond question.

Self-mastery is to master all that makes up our humanity, our thoughts, feelings, ideas, intentions, perceptions, conceptions, attention, esteem and consciousness. While true self-mastery is an inspirational ideal, each little step within can make a tremendous difference without.

Question: To what extent are you aware of the extent of your self-mastery throughout today?