Life Happens in the Stretch Zone!!

In our humanity we are most certainly creatures of comfort, seeking to minimise our pain while maximising our pleasure – and why not enjoy all the comforts life has to offer!!

Paradoxically, however, when we are within the safe confines of our comfort zone immersed within our pregnant pleasures that is exactly what happens – we become confined by none other than ourselves.

Experience demonstrates that our comfort zones give birth to complacent stagnation as we become seduced by the trappings of yesterday’s successes – which, like brass, quickly lose its brilliant shine.

The reality is that life really happens in our stretch zone when we enlarge ourselves beyond the illusory ideas upholding our confined self-conception. While our comfort zone brings complacent stagnation, our stretch zone inspires, invigorates, enlivens, energises, achieves – creating a life worth living.

Question: As a fellow creature of comfort to what extent are you stagnating within your comfort zone? What is the stretch zone for you at the moment – right in front of you today?

Common Denominator in Every Moment

The saying goes, ‘Master one thing to master all things. And to try to master all things is to master nothing’ (unknown). The question is: ‘what is that one thing?’.

The one ‘thing’ worth mastering is oneself. As we are each the single common denominator in our every waking moment, self-mastery is the master key to mastering everything else.

As we charge about in our hurry-up world, we seldom pause to question the extent of the mastery we have of ourselves, taking it as fact, an entrenched conviction that is beyond question.

Self-mastery is to master all that makes up our humanity, our thoughts, feelings, ideas, intentions, perceptions, conceptions, attention, esteem and consciousness. While true self-mastery is an inspirational ideal, each little step within can make a tremendous difference without.

Question: To what extent are you aware of the extent of your self-mastery throughout today?