Life without Commas & Full Stops

No different to the sentence you’re reading right now, what we find at the end of every sentence is some form of grammatical function – usually a comma or full stop.

Can you imagine what our everyday communication (written or spoken) would be like in the absence of those little friends – it would be nothing other than incoherent noise.

Grammatical rules are the unspoken laws that bring meaning out of the potential chaos of our everyday speech. While tiny in comparison to the volume of words, they are irreplaceable.

Yet, in our hurry up, busy-busy world, this is so often how we live our day-to-day lives – charging from ‘doing’ this to ‘doing’ that without any commas and full stops. When we bring these unspoken laws back into our lives, pausing and reflecting between actions, we find a whole new level and potentiality.

Question: Practicing self-observation today, to what extent are you able to pause between one thing and another – and what is the effect thereof?