A Question of Leadership

Over the years I’ve heard a truckload of definitions of leadership – be it an academic view or a view won through real experience there are many good and many not-so-good definitions out there.

Some years ago I heard leadership defined quite uniquely. Rather than another statement, leadership was defined as a question: ‘what kind of a leader do I need to be right now?’.

A statement attempts to predict what will work tomorrow based on what worked yesterday. A question is about what is actually happening right now and being present to respond as it is.

So long as our conditioned attention is confined to what has worked in the past, we are unlikely to notice what is needed in the present – when it actually matters. Great leadership is of-the-moment and has little or nothing to do with the past.

Question: What kind of a leader do I need to be right now, in this situation, with these people, with this problem?

Imposing What we Know on What we Need to Know

In our ordinary, everyday experience learning so often refers to that which we have learnt in the past. What follows is a very stale regurgitation as we superimpose past learning onto the present.

In this limited paradigm learning is an event that begins and ends – and we end up having certain bits of knowledge and skills which we believe we have, own and control – all stored in memory.

Learning is not an event that happens, but an intriguing and continual process of discovery. In truth, real learning goes beyond memory of what worked yesterday to what works now.

While what we’ve learnt is the past is necessary, application of learning is about the integration of what is known in the past and what is known in the present. Until we become intrigued about what is actually happening now the underlying secret of learning remains un-dis-covered.

Question: Today, to what extent is your learning a continual process of what works for you now?

Common Denominator in Every Moment

The saying goes, ‘Master one thing to master all things. And to try to master all things is to master nothing’ (unknown). The question is: ‘what is that one thing?’.

The one ‘thing’ worth mastering is oneself. As we are each the single common denominator in our every waking moment, self-mastery is the master key to mastering everything else.

As we charge about in our hurry-up world, we seldom pause to question the extent of the mastery we have of ourselves, taking it as fact, an entrenched conviction that is beyond question.

Self-mastery is to master all that makes up our humanity, our thoughts, feelings, ideas, intentions, perceptions, conceptions, attention, esteem and consciousness. While true self-mastery is an inspirational ideal, each little step within can make a tremendous difference without.

Question: To what extent are you aware of the extent of your self-mastery throughout today?

Blog vs. Blag

While I’d never considered blogging previously, it’s been suggested several times. And upon reflection I’ve decided to take up the suggestion with one proviso – that it is a ‘blog’ and not a ‘blag’!

What I don’t want to do is to churn out meaningless ‘blags’ to meet a weekly quota. There is already too much waffle in our world and too little real communication for me to add to that noise myself.

For me a ‘blog’ is: a thought-provoking insight, a meaningful experience, a question that makes us stop and think, an inspiring story, a moment of humour, a simple analogy or a glimpse of eternity.

So if you ever find yourself losing the will to live because I’ve blogged about my breakfast that morning or some other meaningless waffle, you have my full permission to give me a boot in the backside – let me know on info@widelko.com.

Question: Today, to what extent can you hear the meaning beyond the noise and waffle?