• Outstanding People – Outstanding Organisations

    It is not possible to differentiate between an organisation and its people. They are inseparable – one and the same. To be an outstanding organisation – is to enable all that is outstanding in people.

    We work in partnership with organisations to bring out the very best in their people – through dynamic training and coaching interventions that make the connections that unlock potential.

  • Unlocking People – Unlocking Potential

    The Stretch Zone is about unlocking potential – and that begins with oneself

    • If your confidence holds you back – so you achieve less than your potential …
    • If your confidence feels like hard work – draining your energy and impact …
    • If your confidence comes and goes – disappearing when you need it most …

    … then The Stretch Zone will enable you to unlock your potential – when it really matters!

  • Inner Performance – Outer Performance

    Experience demonstrates that in spite of the knowledge and capability, people frequently fail to follow through on their best intentions, repeating conditioned behaviours unnecessarily. And more training is not the answer!

    The answer is self-mastery – that capacity to transform our ordinary, everyday experience, to make conscious choices at the moment-of-impact and to bring out our performance potential – when it really matters.

At the heart of our learning philosophy is the understanding that each and every one of us has unique talent and unfathomed potential that, within our ordinary everyday experience, so often remains untapped.

Our learner-centred approach puts the learner at the heart of a very dynamic learning experience within which learners thrive – discovering that untapped potential with depth of insight and resolute intention.

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Anyone can be at their best in their comfort zone – but it seldom matters. When it really matters we enter our stretch zone – and we so often hold ourselves back unnecessarily.

Everyone has a stretch zone – and confidence is an issue for EVERYONE who has the courage to step outside their comfort zone.

The Stretch Zone is about unlocking potential – with authentic confidence when it really matters.

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When we master ourselves we master the common denominator that is fundamental to every waking moment of our lives – oneself. What follows is a full and happy life, full of meaning, choice and potentiality.

Everyone knows what we could have / should have done in hindsight. Self-mastery is the capacity to apply knowledge, talent and intention at the moment-of-impact – with foresight.

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The Stretch Zone: How to be confident when it really matters and achieve your performance potential

Following 15 years of coaching and training seasoned leaders I was, at first, intrigued how often confidence surfaced as an area for development. In spite of the knowledge, skill and experience, these capable high performers were holding themselves back unnecessarily.

What was particularly interesting is that this was as true of people who seemed to exude confidence as it was of people who clearly lacked confidence. The bottom line is that we all have a stretch zone – and confidence is an issue for EVERYONE who has the courage to step outside their comfort zone.

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